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How Makeup Can Work with Contact Lenses

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Summary: Contact wearers should switch up their routine when wearing their makeup. Fortunately, these changes are only minor.

Contact lenses are a medical tool that almost everyone can get behind. Glasses aren’t the only option on the market anymore, and some people don’t want to fork over a fortune to get eye surgery either. However, they can present a number of problems for those that wear a good amount of makeup, which can get in your eyes. Fortunately, advancements in contact lens technology have made it significantly easier for makeup wearers to use their contacts safely.

The Obvious – Wash Your Hands

Always wash your hands before putting your contacts in. Pretty simple and straightforward, but it’s something that many people forget, or are too lazy, to do in some cases. Any products that are oil-based, contain fragrance, or have dyes will adhere to the lenses. Many experts suggest putting contacts in after applying your makeup to avoid scratching or damaging the lenses, but there’s actually more of a change you will be getting makeup on your fingers and on the contact lenses, which could cause an infection. Instead, put them in before.

Applying Mascara

This can be particularly tricky to do, so instead of applying mascara from the base of your eyelashes, start from the middle instead and sweep through to the tips. You’ll also want to avoid mascara products that contain fibers that could fall into the eyes. The particles can easily get trapped under the lenses and cause discomfort. Water-resistant mascara is an ideal replacement that can be worn safely and won’t get into the eyes.

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