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Four Ways to Make Your Body Waxing a Success

Getting a smooth body skin for summer is excellent. That’s why Danie’s Beauty Salon compiled a list of dos and don’ts before you wax. Have a look.

Research about the Salon

Exercise caution when choosing your best salon. Ask your closest friend to recommend you to a place she trusts. You can also swing by the place to observe the hygiene standards.

If you’re at the salon, observe basic hygiene standards. Ask the aesthetician to wash their hands or change the sheet you’re sitting on.

It’s always good to speak out and avoid common infections than to stay mum and get sick

Avoid Drying and Exfoliating Products before Waxing

People have different levels of skin sensitivity. Despite this, products with exfoliating ingredients or retinol can make your skin more sensitive than normal.

So, be sure to avoid these products at least one week before your waxing appointment.

Don’t Work out Just Yet

Exercising is good for our bodies. But not after a body wax in glendale, CA session. Sweating increases the chance of spreading bacteria to your newly smooth skin.

So, be sure to plan for exercises at a later date.

If you’ve had a bikini wax, steer clear of tight clothes. The friction may cause acne or irritation.

Contact Your Doctor

If you notice something strange on your waxed area, contact your doctor. Such may include persistent pain long after 24 hours, pus, swelling or a strange odor.