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Top Women’s Shoes 2017

Women’s footwear has taken a fashion step forward in 2017. All shoe genres have enjoyed a major facelift this year. The latest trend in dress shoes is statement heels.

Stilettos used to be the only heels with a spotlight on them, but heels of all heights and widths are sporting pops of vibrant color and exciting prints. They can be found in all manner of shapes, from thin to chunky, square to round, and still others in elaborate designs.

When cold weather hits, boots of all lengths and colors are still very much in, especially if they feature a slight slouch, feminine laces, or pointed toes.

2017 has brought us a revival of some of old classics: the clear plastic look, and Mary Janes and loafers in all manner of heels, colors and prints. Speaking of prints, they are very hot in 2017 on anything from flats and sandals to heels and boots. Joining prints are the trends of bold patterns, bright glitter, and glowing colors.

If you feel like you have been asked to put style before comfort for far too long, you will be delighted to learn that fur-lined sandals are now not only acceptable but actively encouraged.

These luxurious slip ons range from Athleisure to high fashion. 2017 should be called “The Year of the Shoe”, says Dev Randhawa, because women’s footwear is definitely the star of every outfit right now.

Why Nike’s are the most preferred basketball shoes

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