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Popular Celebrities Who Use Contacts

TV stars and professional athletes might have more public lifestyles but there are a number of things they have in common with people who are not in the public eye. Vision problems affect all sorts of people and you might be surprised to learn that some celebrities you keep up with may actually wear contact lenses.

Brad Pitt

Well-known for his great acting skills and charming looks, Brad Pitt has appeared in numerous action films throughout his career. From fighting bad guys to escaping natural disasters, Pitt has played various intense and energetic roles. While there are photos online of Pitt wearing eyeglasses on the red carpet or out on the streets, the actor tends to wear contact lens on set. Eyeglasses may not fit the role he is playing and it is possible that the eyeglasses could get in the way.

Contact lenses are much more versatile and can give the director and wardrobe department the freedom to design the character that will appear on the big screen however they see fit.

Lebron James

When Lebron James is dominating on the basketball court he wears contact lenses. The fast-paced and oftentimes physical nature of the sport can get chaotic. offers lenses that can help him view all of the action on the court. Lenses will not get sweaty or bumped as easily. However, James has been seen off the court wearing eyeglasses. These are much more practical for interviews, TV shows, and other public appearances that are much more relaxed.