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Five Summer Hair Treatments

Sun exposure over the summer, can leave your hair looking dull and dry. Adding a treatment to your hair routine will help to smooth and soften your strands, making them manageable and easy to style.

Palmer’s Coconut Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack – This is a good quality product that comes in single use treatment pack. The one use packs are great when you are traveling and have a few minutes to spare. This product will soften and help untangle your hair after a day at the pool or beach. READ MORE (more…)

Three wardrobe essentials worth splurging on and three to skimp

Article Written by : Fashion News

Instead of splurging on your entire wardrobe for all your essentials, here is a list of three skimp friendly items that will save you money on the splurges.

T-Shirts = Skimp – Most of the low-end retailers offer soft fabrics that are cool and great as staples. Choose to stock up on the lower end brands to give you more variety.

Jeans = Splurge – Good quality denim can last you a lifetime. Invest in a good brand that creates designs that suit your shape. It is best to invest in classic cuts and washes, which are timeless.

Tights and Hosiery = Scrimp – Since hosiery is washed and worn regularly, therefore it is best to invest in a few cheap pairs that you can throw away if they snag.

Bras = Splurge – Like most shapewear, bras provide you with a good foundation for your outfit. Choose a style that fits you, in colors that can be worn under any outfit.

Gym Clothes = Skimp – Gone are the days where you have to spend a lot on active wear. With many low-end retailers offering you price friendly options, you can now enjoy your workout in a wider variety of styles.

Black Pants = Splurge – Your black trousers are a hard working pair of pants. They will take you to work and formal events. Therefore choose a brand that offers well-tailored cuts in quality fabrics.

Advantages of Shape Wear

Written by A Fashionable Mind.

Most women are obsessed in keeping their bodies look slim and fit. That is why many of these women choose to purchase a slimming shaper to help them achieve the body shape they have always wanted instantly. There are various types of slimming undergarments readily available in the market, you will find bodysuits, waist cinchers and even a plus size shaper. You can now also purchase a shape wear through online stores, just search through the Internet for a reputable and trusted supplier. READ MORE (more…)

Four easy care haircuts

Everyone wants a haircut that looks good even after you have left the salon. However, most of us invest in hair cuts that are difficult to maintain and at times costly. Here are 4 haircuts that are easy to take care of.

Chin length tapered bob (for straight hair) – This style is professional yet edgy. Ask your stylist to keep it a bit longer at the front, to give you a bit more hair to play around with. This style can be easily styled at home with a paddle brush and a hair dryer. For a straighter look, just neaten the top with a flat iron.

Graduated long layers with blunt bangs (for straight to wavy hair) – This face framing style will make you look younger. It is great for those who have longer hair and are looking to update their look. For styling at home, use a shine serum and blow dry your hair. To ensure the bangs stay put, use a straightening iron.

Pixie cut – (for short, wavy, thin hair) – This style is messy and soft. Styling this hair is easy and will get you out the door in 5 minutes tops. Just apply some texturizing wax and let your hair air dry.

Beach mid length cut (for wavy to curly hair, thin or thick) – Ask your stylist to add long layers and cut your hair so that it touches your shoulders. To style, just simply use a light texturizing spray, scrunch the ends and blow dry messy.