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Four things all stylish girls have in their closet

Stylish girls always have the freedom to look their best for every occasion. This has mainly to do with the selection of attire they possess. However, anyone who has a good sense of style will have pieces that they wear on heavy rotation. Though each person may put their own unique style on each piece, they still own these items and wear them often. Here are the 4 things all stylish girls have in their closet. [READ MORE]

A really good coat – A good coat can keep the chills away and add a lot to a simple outfit. Look for coats that can be worn closed or open, in neutral shades like tan, brown, black and white.

Jeans – All stylish women wear jeans. They also know that not every denim trend suits their personal style or body shape. Therefore, they look for styles and washes that work for them. Look to buy a pair in every wash, so that you give your wardrobe depth and personality.

A good dress – A dress that makes you feel good, is always a winner for any event. Look for styles that suit your shape and aim for single colors. Change the look of your outfit by adding jewelry, a blazer, a clutch or a fancy pair of heels.

Everyday shoes – Comfortable yet stylish shoes will keep you feeling good the entire day. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sneakers girl or one that lives in sky-high pumps, buy a pair that you can match with most of your outfits.