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Five ways to save money on your wardrobe

ArticleWritten by : Luxury Body Jewelry

Everyone these days is on a budget. But being on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to not buy any new clothing. Here are 5 ways to save money on your wardrobe.

Shop slightly out of season – Most often retailers will get their new seasons stock at least a month or two in advance. These stocks will be on discount, although they are on trend. Therefore, visit the stores early and snag your staples for the next season, well in advance for a steal.

Buy better basics – Basics are items that you usually wear all year around. Therefore, investing in quality brands is a good choice. Since these items are worn and washed more often, a better quality brand and fabric will look a lot less worn out and would need less replacing.

Be cautious about sales – Remember that retailers will often try to get you to purchase something you often don’t really need. Instead, make a list of items you need and focus on stocking up on them only.

Don’t dry clean – Avoid buying items that says dry clean only. As they will add to the purchase price of your item. Pieces that you can wash will reduce extra costs and make wearing and washing items a lot easier.

Pay attention to care tags – Check care tags of your garments to ensure that you wash them correctly. Some items may require hand washing, flat ironing or washing with cold water only.