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Five Summer Hair Treatments

Sun exposure over the summer, can leave your hair looking dull and dry. Adding a treatment to your hair routine will help to smooth and soften your strands, making them manageable and easy to style.

Palmer’s Coconut Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack – This is a good quality product that comes in single use treatment pack. The one use packs are great when you are traveling and have a few minutes to spare. This product will soften and help untangle your hair after a day at the pool or beach. READ MORE (more…)

Three wardrobe essentials worth splurging on and three to skimp

Instead of splurging on your entire wardrobe for all your essentials, here is a list of three skimp friendly items that will save you money on the splurges.

T-Shirts = Skimp – Most of the low-end retailers offer soft fabrics that are cool and great as staples. Choose to stock up on the lower end brands to give you more variety.

Jeans = Splurge – Good quality denim can last you a lifetime. Invest in a good brand that creates designs that suit your shape. It is best to invest in classic cuts and washes, which are timeless.

Tights and Hosiery = Scrimp – Since hosiery is washed and worn regularly, therefore it is best to invest in a few cheap pairs that you can throw away if they snag.

Bras = Splurge – Like most shapewear, bras provide you with a good foundation for your outfit. Choose a style that fits you, in colors that can be worn under any outfit.

Gym Clothes = Skimp – Gone are the days where you have to spend a lot on active wear. With many low-end retailers offering you price friendly options, you can now enjoy your workout in a wider variety of styles.

Black Pants = Splurge – Your black trousers are a hard working pair of pants. They will take you to work and formal events. Therefore choose a brand that offers well-tailored cuts in quality fabrics.

Five ways to save money on your wardrobe

Everyone these days is on a budget. But being on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to not buy any new clothing. Here are 5 ways to save money on your wardrobe.

Shop slightly out of season – Most often retailers will get their new seasons stock at least a month or two in advance. These stocks will be on discount, although they are on trend. Therefore, visit the stores early and snag your staples for the next season, well in advance for a steal.

Buy better basics – Basics are items that you usually wear all year around. Therefore, investing in quality brands is a good choice. Since these items are worn and washed more often, a better quality brand and fabric will look a lot less worn out and would need less replacing.

Be cautious about sales – Remember that retailers will often try to get you to purchase something you often don’t really need. Instead, make a list of items you need and focus on stocking up on them only.

Don’t dry clean – Avoid buying items that says dry clean only. As they will add to the purchase price of your item. Pieces that you can wash will reduce extra costs and make wearing and washing items a lot easier.

Pay attention to care tags – Check care tags of your garments to ensure that you wash them correctly. Some items may require hand washing, flat ironing or washing with cold water only.

Shopping For Clothes Without Breaking Your Monthly Budget

Everyone loves to shop. Based on research, a person ideally visits a shopping mall in an average of 2 to 3 times a week. While we love to shop, it is even better if we shop for bargains such as wholesale plus size clothes, accessories, jewelry or even wholesale sunglasses for your next summer vacation.

For people who are running an online clothing store, it is typical that you purchase clothes in wholesale prices to have a better profit margin. Since you are ordering in bulk, stocks will continually be available for your customers. READ MORE  (more…)

Why “Nontouring” is Better Than Contouring

Move over contouring, there’s something new in the makeup world. It’s called strobing—or “nontouring,” and it’s pretty much the alter ego of the face-thinning contouring trend.

A hot makeup trend of the last few years, contouring involves using darker foundations or concealer on the chin, neck, and areas close to the hairline, and lighter-colored foundations on the cheeks, nose, forehead, and areas where light hits in order to make the face look lean.

Strobing, on the other hand, promotes a younger look by highlighting the tops of the cheeks and inner corners of the eyes. Strobing gives a soft, dewy appearance to make a person look younger.

Here are some additional advantages of nontouring:

Compared to contouring, it’s a simple technique. To strobe, apply a primer followed by a light, dewy foundation or tinted moisturizer and concealer on areas where you need coverage. Then apply highlighter to the tip of your hose, the tops of your cheeks, and your brow bone. Whala—you’re ready to roll.

It’s quicker. When done correctly, contouring can take 30 minutes or more. You can nontour in just a few minutes or less.

It’s cheaper. Contouring involves using a few different shades of foundation to create a more chiseled look. This requires a person to invest in multiple bottles, which adds up.

It’s a more natural look. Because contouring involves several different shades of foundation, it can result in a “made up” appearance. Nontouring, on the other hand, promotes a soft, radiant glow.

Adore Organic Innovation offers specialized formulations to help skin look its lustrous best by using organic innovation derived from certain fruits and combined with cutting-edge skincare ingredients.

Read recent news release about Adore Cosmetics here.

Four things all stylish girls have in their closet

Stylish girls always have the freedom to look their best for every occasion. This has mainly to do with the selection of attire they possess. However, anyone who has a good sense of style will have pieces that they wear on heavy rotation. Though each person may put their own unique style on each piece, they still own these items and wear them often. Here are the 4 things all stylish girls have in their closet. [READ MORE] (more…)

Finding Wholesale Fashion Online

Article submitted by Young Fashion

Everyone wants to improve the trendy and style look that they are giving off.  The fact of the matter though is that style can be something that can be difficult to achieve without spending a lot of money at a big retail store.  Fear not though, purchasing bulk wholesale clothing can help make that dream a reality.

Buying clothing can be a very expensive endeavor if you do not shop in an intelligent manner.  Purchasing clothing from a retail store can mean that you are going to be spending a lot of money on a product that is of inferior quality to other products.  When you are trying to start to learn how to shop and save money, you should start it out by setting yourself up with an accurate budget first and foremost.  If you decide that you only want to shop and spend a certain amount of money you can do that.  Once you have set the budget, you should then try and figure out the best place to do your shopping.  Arguably the best place to shop is at wholesale stores.  When you shop wholesale you are going to be saving a lot of money as you are going to be buying in bulk and directly from a wholesaler rather than having to go through a retail store.  This can mean more money in your pocket when it is all said and done.

Wholesale boots or even wholesale scarves can be obtained without you having to break the bank.  The team has stocked trendy and stylish clothing items that will have you looking great. Just search on Google or Amazon and you should find some great deals. Forget going to your local mall.

Here are a few great sites we recommend that sale cheap clothing that are fashionable:

Advantages of Shape Wear

Written by A Fashionable Mind.

Most women are obsessed in keeping their bodies look slim and fit. That is why many of these women choose to purchase a slimming shaper to help them achieve the body shape they have always wanted instantly. There are various types of slimming undergarments readily available in the market, you will find bodysuits, waist cinchers and even a plus size shaper. You can now also purchase a shape wear through online stores, just search through the Internet for a reputable and trusted supplier. READ MORE (more…)

How to check if your whole clothes are good quality.

Purchasing wholesale tops or other clothing can sometimes be worrisome, many wholesalers out there are not the quality they claim to be. Finding someone who is willing to give you quality items at a good price can be the biggest battle we struggle with in getting stock for our businesses, buying items such as wholesale pants that fall apart with one wash can be a big pain when trying to own a reputable business.

To avoid having your reputation tarnished by clothes that may seem well made but after a first wash or serious wear are garbage, always get a test product first. Most reputable places will be happy to send you a sample product, usually for a little higher than bulk single price but it shouldn’t be too much. Then tug on some of the “stress” areas, so for jeans it would be the knees, rear, crotch, and pockets. If you are a particularly strong person, putting all your force into it isn’t necessary but give it a good few tugs, and put it through the wash with other clothes, and tug on it a few more times. If it doesn’t tear or rip then it’s rather decently made. Though some clothes are naturally more fragile then others so the rules doesn’t apply as much, such as sheer over shirts and leggings, but it’s still important to check the quality of the sew and fabric as much as possible. Because even if it is fragile, if a customer wears it only a few times and finds a bad review, then your store will be to blame, not the supplier.

Four easy care haircuts

Everyone wants a haircut that looks good even after you have left the salon. However, most of us invest in hair cuts that are difficult to maintain and at times costly. Here are 4 haircuts that are easy to take care of.

Chin length tapered bob (for straight hair) – This style is professional yet edgy. Ask your stylist to keep it a bit longer at the front, to give you a bit more hair to play around with. This style can be easily styled at home with a paddle brush and a hair dryer. For a straighter look, just neaten the top with a flat iron.

Graduated long layers with blunt bangs (for straight to wavy hair) – This face framing style will make you look younger. It is great for those who have longer hair and are looking to update their look. For styling at home, use a shine serum and blow dry your hair. To ensure the bangs stay put, use a straightening iron.

Pixie cut – (for short, wavy, thin hair) – This style is messy and soft. Styling this hair is easy and will get you out the door in 5 minutes tops. Just apply some texturizing wax and let your hair air dry.

Beach mid length cut (for wavy to curly hair, thin or thick) – Ask your stylist to add long layers and cut your hair so that it touches your shoulders. To style, just simply use a light texturizing spray, scrunch the ends and blow dry messy.